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Is anyone listening to the Labour Party conference in the ‘Red Wall’?

Our data team analysed articles in local media outlets distributed across Red Wall constituencies. We looked at everything published and then shared on social media since the Conference kicked off. 

To understand what drove engagement, articles were thematically mapped along with their corresponding likes, retweets and comments — enabling our data team to visualise what drove interest in the Red Wall with regard to coverage of the Labour conference.

Overall, proceedings in Brighton have barely cut through, with just over 1% of articles covering the Conference – hardly inspiring given the electoral significance of the Red Wall. 

In a further blow to the Labour Party, Andy Burnham’s outburst has been the most engaged with the topic. Even Angela Rayner’s ‘Tory scum’ antics, which got limited traction, was met with hostility and anger – seeing most comments siding with the Conservative party against Labour’s deputy leader.


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