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Our Values

  • Curious: In the world, in our work, and in the new technologies and techniques impacting our world of strategic counsel and communications. We use the high-level experience of our senior leadership as the foundation onto which our team can add their expertise to create a business that is always improving and adapting.

  • Creative: In how we see problems, and in how we solve them. We believe the way public relations and public affairs is practised will change completely and we want our team to be at the forefront of incorporating new approaches to client work. 

  • Idiosyncratic: In how we operate, and in the people we employ. We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to build a team that combines styles, personalities, experiences, and celebrate those idiosyncrasies instead of making everyone conform to one way of working or being. 

  • Meritocratic: In how we recognise contributions and in how we claim successes. We win together and if we ever lose, we do it together. We give credit where credit is due and do not look kindly on those who seek to claim a success that isn’t theirs or shift blame that is.

  • Democratic: In the work we seek, take, and do, and in sharing client work and successes across the business. We create an environment where everyone in the  business - from a new joiner to the founder - has a say in what we do and how we do it. 

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