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Introducing: Hacks & Flaks by Trafalgar Strategy

The only series where you'll get the inside scoop on how journalist hacks and the flaks of government work behind the scenes to decide which stories, you'll be reading with your morning coffee and perhaps more importantly, how they keep certain headlines off the front pages. What happens if a public figure is the subject of a salacious story? When does a scandal make or break a career? And how do you really know what is or isn't fake news? All these subjects and a whole lot more will be explored by host Petrie Hosken and a regular panel of hacks and flaks, ready to spill the beans, and tell us how the sausage gets made.

Host: Petrie Hosken - Broadcast journalist at TalkTV


Giles Kenningham MBE - Former Downing Street Head of Press

Andrew MacDougall - Former Director of Comms to Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Michael Booker - Editor at GB News

Produced by Amanda Redman

Brought to you by Trafalgar Strategy


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