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Was the cabinet reshuffle a cynical ploy to bury the universal credit vote?

Despite all the anticipation around a cabinet reshuffle, was its timing a cynical ploy to burry the universal credit vote on Wednesday afternoon?

Our data team analysed just under 100k tweets to understand who or what people were talking about concerning the reshuffle on Twitter.

Once news of the reshuffle broke, Twitter users quickly argued it was a cynical ploy to distract from the universal credit vote that afternoon. In part, driven by LBC’s James O’Brien and his 800k audience.

However, whilst that remained the dominant topic throughout the day, it was insufficient to distract from the big cabinet announcements. News of Raab and Williamson’s demise delighted the Twitterati. Yet no appointment on Wednesday received quite as much hatred as that of Nadine Dorries – whose promotion triggered the Twitter mob, in part, because of her Brexit leanings.

The best reaction on the day appears to have been reserved for our new Foreign Secretary, Lizz Truss. Twitter users were undecided on Wednesday, with accounts mocking and praising her promotion in equal measure.  Notably, a recurring theme amongst those supporting Truss was her perceived success as the International Trade Secretary in striking numerous deals. 


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