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Headshot of Zoe Knowles

Zoë Knowles

Account Director

Zoë Knowles is an Account Director at Trafalgar, responsible for communications strategy, public affairs, and media relations. 


Prior to joining Trafalgar, Zoë served as the Director of Communications to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing in the Canadian Province of Ontario, where she led Government's agenda on housing, reshaped the public narrative on the housing crisis, oversaw the highest level of new housing starts in 30 years, and led the passage of a series of legislative and regulatory reform packages. She also served as the Senior Communications Advisor to Ontario's Minister of Health where she managed the communications for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as well as Ontario’s health system reforms toward digital and community-based models of care delivery. Previously, Zoë worked in public affairs for sectors including healthcare, real estate development, energy infrastructure, and global food and alcohol brands. 


Zoë is a Fellow with Create Streets, where she advises London-based research and advocacy organisations on housing and transit policy and creating healthy communities. She also supported the development of Policy Exchange's February 2023 report “Homes for Growth.”


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